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Father of two, developer (#cpp and #python, sometime #rustlang), loves reading πŸ“š, likes 🚴. Personal instance for nerd / programming stuff.

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naufraghi 🌈 . @naufraghi,

I think #Rust as a "project" that involves people has done something wrong. The #RustConf "epic" has serious bugs. I think we are #developers enough to handle a project failure. We have hindsight, we know how to report a bug in the code without blaming anyone. We know how to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and respect. We do it every day.

And we also know when it is time to ask an outside contractor for help with a particular technology. #Governance has experts, other languages have experience, parties like the Pirate Party are technologically savvy enough to have some insight to share.

I hope people around Rust will soon find a way to clarify the offenses, issue the expected apologies, and start over, growing as a community from our past mistakes.

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naufraghi 🌈 . @naufraghi,

The selection from CfP for #GoLab 2023 is exhausting, and the very sad things are that:

  1. some of my favorites are left behind because of different opinions in the editorial team :cry: but we are a team for that very reason;
  2. all things being equal, we prefer to stay local, both for economic and especially environmental reasons, Treedom 🌱 will help us a bit, but the direction is this: no free lunch... for flights (lunch is included in conference :smile:).

You will have updates soon, hang in there! #golang #conferernce #florence

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naufraghi 🌈 . @naufraghi,

IT #layoffs are like:

Family, tomorrow we'll cut the heating, you'll eat potatoes and beans, sell your bikes, because I forgot to work diligently in the last 6 months. Ah, I'll buy my new motorbike as if nothing happened.

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